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Make your Panorama view adjusted to your needs

Grouping Jira issues enables a better understanding of the progress.

In Panorama you can easily group your issues by multiple fields to better understand the ongoing work in the projects you track.

You can group by multiple issue fields, such as status, sprint, status, project, reporter, issue type, etc. The progress bar indicates if you're on track. Take few seconds to watch how you can quickly aggregate your work and gain better understanding of where you are. 

How to use the grouping feature?

  1. Find the grouping selector on the toolbar.

  2. Select the issue fields by which you want to group the issues in your panorama.

  3. Grouping is now applied.


While issues are grouped, the issue hierarchy is flattened and folders are hidden. There is no way to apply grouping on different hierarchy levels to keep the folders and the hierarchical structure. After you disable grouping, the structure will look just like before you’ve applied the grouping.

See how the grouping works in the video below.


Thanks for watching. Have a great day!