Searching issues by version with JQL


In Jira JQL you can search issues by fixVersion pretty easily:


or if you’re interested in more than one version:

fixVersion in (v2.2, v2.4)

You can even find issues matching a range of versions. For example, if there are 4 versions v1.0, v2.0, v2.1, v2.2, v3.0 and you want to see all v2 versions:

fixVersion>=v2.0 and fixversion <=v2.2

It’s important to understand that the order of versions is controlled by the order they are arranged in your project’s versions configuration and not by the version number! If the order is incorrect, just go to the your Project Settings → Versions and reorder the versions by drag and drop.

Wildcards searching and regular expressions

Searching using the version order can be problematic because you need to use an existing version as a range limit. Sometimes you may also want to find issues with versions that contain a particular text in version name. Fortunately you can perform advanced version searches with JQL Search Extensions.

To search by wildcard, simply got to Extended Search and execute issue in wildcardMatch("fixVersion", "v2.0*") to find all issues with versions starting with “v2.0”. You can put a wildcard anywhere in a search text.

For even more control you can leverage regular expresions. The following query only matches versions between v.2.0 and v2.5 that are betas:

issue in regex("fixVersion", "v2.[0-5]-beta")

For more examples on how to use the functions have a look at the documentation for wildcardMatch and regex.

You can also try JQL Search Extensions in your Jira now!