What is Panorama for Jira?


Panorama is a Jira add-on dedicated for project managers, product managers, CTOs and anyone with a need to manage efficiently a few projects in Jira.

Panorama allows you to create an overview of your issues from any project on your instance. With Panorama, you can create a hierarchical structure to have a clearer overview of your work. Panorama makes tracking the progress of the issues more effective as you can see both the progress of a single issue and the progress of a whole epic or a directory. You can see an example of a panorama below.


Example of a panorama with structure and folders.


As you can see, the panorama view gives a clear picture of the state of your projects. Read the list below to capture its full potential.

Panorama for Jira enables you to:

  • Create multi-level structures with issues from many Jira projects.

  • Define a hierarchy of issue types that is different from the standard Jira hierarchy.

  • Use Jira Query Language (JQL) to search for specific issues to add to the panorama.

  • Aggregate Jira issues by multiple fields, such as assignee, sprint, status.

  • Sum-up information about Jira issues in the same hierarchy.

  • Create a view where you can see issues pointing to their blockers.

  • Track the cost of your sprint or a feature.

  • Restrict access to your plans to particular people.


If you haven’t tried Panorama yet, you can install it from our Marketplace page.

If you’ve just started to use Panorama or you’d like to see how it works in action, watch the video below. It explains the main features of the Panorama.




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