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Data Security and Privacy

Issues that you keep in Jira are extremely important to your business and we make sure that data is properly protected. 

Security and compliance

Please refer to to answer your security questions.

Personal data and GDPR

No personal data is stored by the app by design.

Any user-generated content, for example, the JQL filters, requires a manual removal by the user if it contains sensitive information.

For more information please see

Data storage

JQL Search Extensions system

The following information is stored in the app’s system:

  • installation information necessary for the app to communicate with Jira; including the encrypted token

  • user-created queries (filters, su‌bqueries etc.)

  • issues, fields, and projects cache necessary to fulfill the app’s functional and performance requirements

  • logs for support purposes containing information like Jira issue ids and Jira instance identifiers

Data is automatically removed within a month after uninstallation of the app.

Stored in Jira

Indexing metadata on issues and other Jira entities

Data region

JQL Search Extensions stores data in Atlas Mongo hosted by Amazon Web Services infrastructure in Oregon, United States.

Data in Jira is stored according to your Jira data residency configuration.

Changes to this policy

Changes to this policy can be introduced at any time. Please check this page regularly to be informed about the changes. We will also try to reach you by email. You can subscribe to the Confluence space RSS feed to receive notifications.