Security & Trust


  • Continuous security and process compliance monitoring by Vanta

  • Peer review code reviews required

  • Automatic static code analysis scanning

  • Data encryption at rest

  • Source code dependency scanning

  • Company-wide security awareness training

  • Multi-factor authentication required for all systems

  • Background checks for staff

  • Participate in bug-bounty program




Data storage

What data does Digital Toucan store?

  • OKR names, description, labels, teams, levels

  • Value of KRs including all historical values

  • Names of periods and their date ranges

  • Ids of issues connected to OKRs

  • Ids of users

Do you duplicate any sensitive data from Jira?

We don’t, we refer to Jira data over its' id. In particular, we don’t store details about users (such as their emails or names) and we don’t store details of issues (such as their summary, description, status, etc.)

Where does Digital Toucan stores the data?

Digital Toucan stores data in Atlas Mongo hosted by Amazon Web Services infrastructure in Virginia, United States.

For full list of our subprocessors, please refer to our data Processing Addendum and list of data subprocessors.