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SubQuery Limits

What is a subQuery limit?

Some JQL Search Extensions functions allow you to specify a subQuery JQL (for example  allIssuesInEpic function). This subQuery function can be matching anywhere from 0 to all issues of your instance which in huge instances could cause some troubles. To protect your Jira instance from outages or extensive CPU or memory usage or simply stressing Jira Lucene index to much JQL sub-query based functions are protected with a limit. By default, this limit is configured to 10,000 issues, however, instances running on strong server machines can process more than 10,000 issues without trouble, we leave the decision to Jira administrator whether the limit should be raised. To know more what impact on JQL execution time this limit has, please check our page with performance test results here.

Functions affected by subQuery limit

  • allIssuesInEpic
  • epicOf
  • fieldMatch
  • fieldsHaveSameValue
  • parentOf
  • subtaskOf
  • links
  • linkedBy

How to raise the limit

The subQuery limit can be raised by specifying a system property called com.digitaltoucan.jqlextensions.subquery.limit for example, to raise the limit to 30,000 you will need to configure a system property to:


For exact steps of how to set a system property on Jira instance please refer to official Jira documentation page: