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Use Extended Search functions instead of Subqueries

Deprecation of Subqueries feature

From October 2023, the Subqueries feature is no longer available in JQL Search Extensions. This change affects customers with saved JQL subqueries who installed the app before April 2021.

The 6-month deprecation plan was communicated to these customers with recommendations to convert any subqueries through Extended Search before the feature was deprecated. Extended Search provides an equivalent function for every subquery JQL keyword with better performance and reliability.

There is an equivalent function for every Subquery JQL alias. The full list of available functions is listed on the Extended search page. Have a look at the next section to see the mapping between Subqueries JQL aliases and new functions. It’ll help you to create your new queries.

For example, if you previously created a subquery component=UI and you use it to find epics of issues that are a part of component UI:


you can find the same Jira issues with epicsOfChildrenInQuery function:

issue in epicsOfChildrenInQuery("component=UI")

The big difference is that you can use the nested query “component=UI” directly in your main query and without the need to create and index a subquery first. You can even narrow down your query further:

issue in epicsOfChildrenInQuery("component=UI") and project in (ACME, SP)

To use the query anywhere else in Jira, simply save it as a filter.

Functions mapping

The following table lists Subquery JQL aliases and their corresponding Extended Search functions. Use this mapping to migrate your subqueries.

Subquery JQL call

Extended Search function call

Subquery JQL call

Extended Search function call


issue in epicsOfChildrenInQuery("subquery")


issue in childrenOfEpicsInQuery("subquery")


issue in linkedIssuesOfQuery("subquery") - matches both sides of the link

issue in linkedIssuesOfQuery("subquery", "link name") - only matches the links with a specific link name


same as linkedByQuery above


issue in parentsOfSubtasksInQuery("subquery")


issue in subtasksOfParentsInQuery("subquery")


Simply save your Extended Search query as a Jira filter and use the filter query:

filter="My Extended Search filter"