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How-to Videos


Our demo videos for JQL Search Extensions for Jira Cloud show you how to get started from initial setup and saving queries to understanding the difference between Advanced Search in Jira and searching with the app.

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How Do I Get Started With the App?

When you install the search extensions app, it will index your entire Jira instance so that you can easily find what you need. This process will take a few minutes. Here’s what to expect in the initial setup.

How Do I Use Extended Search for Reporting?

There’s a wide array of Jira gadgets you can use for reporting. If you know how to use filters, you can use Search Extensions to create detailed reports with these gadgets. Here, we’ll show you how to plug a filter into a pie chart.

When Do I Need to Open the App?

To take full advantage of some functions, you’ll need to open the app rather than using the advanced search bar. We’ll show you how to use a popular function that helps prevent scope creep.

What Extensions Can I Use Directly in the Advanced Search Bar?

With JQL Search Extensions, you get more than 50 aliases and functions to expand and refine your searches. Aliases can be used directly in the advanced search bar. We’ll show you an example, here.


How Do I Save Extended Search Queries As Filters?

Any JQL query can be saved as a filter, so you can quickly look it up at any time. JQL filters can be used in reports and apps to make your work easier and more efficient. You save extended search queries in the same way you save any other JQL query. We’ll show you how to do that and create a subscription to the filter.