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App Scopes

JQL Search Extensions for Jira requires various application scopes to function correctly.

Applications scopes give access to Jira data. The following list explains what scopes are required and why.

Scope name


How the app uses the scope

Scope name


How the app uses the scope


View, browse, and read information from Jira.

  • reads issue fields

  • fetches fields configuration

  • performs searches

  • reads previously saved issues metadata

  • reads app’s metadata


Create or edit content in Jira, but not delete content.

  • saves app’s metadata against an issue

  • saves app’s metadata


Delete content in Jira.

  • deletes app’s metadata from an issue

  • deletes app’s metadata


Access content using the permissions of the user running the app.

  • performs search as a user (helps with security of data)

  • saves filter as a user

  • deletes user’s filter


Get the email addresses of users.

  • obtains email of a person that initiated a transactional action (e.g. triggered the Jira indexing)