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JQL functions are not showing up in Jira search autocompletion


You try to use a JQL function but you see the error that looks like this:

  • Unable to find JQL function 'childrenOfEpicsInQuery()'.

  • Error in the JQL Query: Expecting operator before the end of the query.

  • Error in the JQL Query: Expecting operator but got '('.


You need to use to execute JQL functions.

  1. Go to Apps → JQL Search Extensions

  2. Make sure that you are on the Extended Search screen

  3. Start typing you query and make sure it starts with a clause issue in, for example issue in issue in linkedIssuesOfQuery("project=ACME", "is blocked by")

Go to Extended Search Screen to use JQL functions

You can save your query as a Jira filter and use it everywhere else in Jira