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Searching for linked issues returns partial results


I’m using linkedBy and linksIssue aliases but I’m only getting some of the expected issues back.

Simliar problems are with the other link aliases:

  • LinksIssuesCount

  • LinkedByIssuesCount

  • LinkedByIssueProject

  • LinksIssueProject


Jira links are directional. They point from one issue to another. Each side of the link is of a different type. Some JQL Search Extensions aliases differentiate between the inward and outward issue links.

To include issues regardless of the linking direction, simply use the aliases for both directions and connect them with the OR clause. For example:


linkedBy=ACME-1 only returns ACME-2 because ACME-2 is linked from ACME-1

linksIssue=ACME-1 only returns ACME-3 because ACME-3 links to ACME-1

linkedBy=ACME-1 OR linksIssue=ACME-1 returns both ACME-2 and ACME-3


Jira links are directional and some JQL Search Extensions aliases are sensitive to the link direction.