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App Status: Unknown


The app status in the Getting Started page is displayed as UNKOWN


The app status is calculated based on responses from Jira. Jira may not respond in time or return an internal error caused by a bug

The bug affects large Jira instances and the workaround to establish the app status is to run a JQL query in Advanced Search (not in the app):["jql-search-extensions"].addonVersion.version is empty

If there are no results it means that all the issues are indexed and you are ready to use the app.

The above query may be slow on large Jira instances. If you’re getting errors:

  • make sure you run the query in Jira’s Advanced Search and not inside the app

  • retry the search a few times and each time make sure you wait for a few minutes before you retry

If Jira keeps on returning errors please contact our support.