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Text JQL Functions


The instructions on this page describe how to execute a JQL search using JQL Search Extensions.


Text JQL functions

JQL functions are accessible from Extended Search screen or via Extended Search filters in Jira advanced search.


JQL functions are accessible only from Extended Search

Matches issues that contain the text in the summary or description. Takes a case-sensitive text as an argument.

issue in exactTextMatch("text")


Similar to exactTextMatch but is case insensitive.

issue in exactTextMatchCaseInsensitive("tExT") matches issues with TEXT, Text, tEXT etc.


Matches issues with a field containing a specified text (case-sensitive). You can use the asterisk (*) to match any text.

issue in wildcardMatch("summary", "Hello*")
issue in wildcardMatch("fixVersion", "12.0*")
issue in wildcardMatch("labels", "*Marketing*")
issue in wildcardMatch("component", "Business*")
issue in wildcardMatch("category", "MyOrg*")

The star symbol can be placed anywhere in the text – you can even place more than one.


Use the full power of regular expressions to match field values. Regular expressions are strict and case sensitive.

You can use backslashes to escape special characters. The underlying implementation is using JavaScript syntax for regular expressions.


issue in regex("summary", "^Hello.*") matches issues with summaries starting with
issue in regex("fixVersion", "12.[0-5]") matches issues with versions from 12.0 to 12.5
issue in regex("labels", "Marketing$")matches issues with labels that end with Marketing
issue in regex("component", "Business.*")
issue in regex("category", "MyOrg.*")
issue in regex("Acceptance checklist", "can proceed") matches issues that have any checkbox with can proceed checked
issue in regex("Custom cascading select list", "- Georgia") matches issues with a cascading select field with Georgia as a child value